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20 October, 2016

Know, Trust and Believe

Life is about all the emotions and how you feel them.   It is about how to clear the negative beliefs and emotions, to change the hearts and souls of people in this life.   It is about learning to see fear as false and making the truth and light shine through. My prayers have changed on this journey.  I pray that the contracts we set to do on this earth make it a better place for all....

7 October, 2016


Where did I go: Wrong And: Why is this happening Where could I have done it differently Knowing it must be MY fault Of course it is my fault how foolish could I even be to contemplate it being anything BUT my fault.  I was told long ago that I never listen, I am too foolish to comprehend that life is not about me, I am not able to just do as I please and the implications are that the problems...

6 October, 2016


I am awe-inspiring. I am the person that is the true self of the soul and there is a change to be experienced. I have awakened and so will all of this that I know. I choose to serve, I choose to make a difference and my soul has something to say. I say and feel the life I now choose for me. I am choosing to let spirit guide me in my thoughts my...

29 September, 2016

New Moms and Balance

Here is to all you new moms out there, for you do have a hard job.   A very rewarding job but hard.   The hardest thing I have found is the alignment and balance of spouse and child.   You want everything for your child but you also have to have special spouse and you time to keep the bond between you strong.   Some things are hard to juggle, but if you don’t your life cannot be fulfilling without both.   When a...

20 September, 2016

I Need Logical Answers Please!!

Have you ever had a tiredness deep in yourself?  As if your soul has no more energy left for you to deplete. It’s so deep and so all-consuming that you actually have no clue how you get through a day let alone a week? You go on auto pilot and somehow ‘’stuff’’ gets done but there is just as much that you keep pushing aside for another day and the end result of course is complete chaos...

16 September, 2016

16/17 September Full Moon Eclipse

What can you expect? A number of changes and oh yes another major shift in energy.  Even if you will not perhaps be able to see the eclipse you will more than likely be feeling the effects of the energy shift.  This lunar eclipse takes place today and tomorrow in conjunction with the sign of Pisces.  Now Pisces is all about the emotions. It is a given that we all experience energy shifts in different ways –...

12 September, 2016


A meaning that we are often at a loss as how to describe what we are going through.   Be that a loss of a loved one, pet or loss of something which we are not even sure can be termed a loss such as a beautiful dream. Whatever the loss is, it is emotionally draining.  No matter what our belief systems are we still feel the ‘’taking away’’ of something we hold dear. It has been a...

6 September, 2016

My Favorite One

I wish to not be presumptuous but perhaps by writing this I am as such to pick just one is a preposterous notion for each is a glorious creation in a right of their very own comparable to none the unforgettable marvel in texture, style and colour of nature’s dress makes it an asinine condition to single out one from the rest but I do so hereby confess that the colour yellow is the jewel in the crown nonpareil my absolute favorite one © 19 October 2014 Bea Potgieter

1 September, 2016

1 September 2016

According to Kate Rose who shared her blog post on Today, everything will change. "If you want it, go for it. Take a risk. Don't always play it safe, or you'll die wondering." September is eclipse season, and this is just the beginning of the magic that this month has in store, if only we are willing to do one thing: take a chance. There are certain times in life where our entire direction can be changed by...


15 August, 2016

Prayer for Spiritual Hygiene

Prayer for Spiritual Hygiene A very good tool to use for “spiritual hygiene” it is like you have to take your shower in the mornings and evening, if you skip these types of clearings it is like skipping your showers for a month and longer.   ~ArchAngel Michael Clearing~ This is very potent, and it works! Keep in mind that you will clear what is right for you at the right time, do this practice every night before you...