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22 May, 2017

Tarotscope Week 21. 22-28 May

Week 20: 22—28 May   Whenever we have change, there will always be resistance. This is to be expected and its completely normal. Its how you handle it that will determine the outcome.   During this week you don’t need to do anything, don’t fight against the flow, don’t try to solve any challenges that may crop up. Just allow any fires to burn themselves out naturally—that is how you remain unscathed. If you interfere or try to alter...

16 May, 2017

Seasonal Magic and Spells for May

May   May is a glorious month which is full of fire and passion and not surprisingly it is governed by the element of fire. Flowers and radiant colours are bursting everywhere and nature is alive around us. May is a month filled with fertility, frivolity and potency. The elemental beings who govern May are Nymphs, Dragons, and Salamanders. Further, in addition to all this magical passion it is also a month for friendship and fun.   In the...

15 May, 2017

Tarotscope Week 20 15-21 May

Week 20: 15—21 May This week is a good action week. You can now charge ahead and implement your plans and strategies from the last few weeks. Try not to deviate from the plan too much, and if you find that you have, then stop, and realign yourself with the original plan. Moving off plan here will not go well for you. ~Intuitive Rene~  

15 May, 2017

Vegan Pasta Delight Recipe

Ingredients    Pasta Fresh tomato Carrots Onions Green pepper Green Beans (vegetable amounts is up to you)   Method   Cook pasta first set aside when cooked. Easy to make vegan pasta recipes can be found on Google.   In a separate pan fry chopped vegetables starting with Onions, Carrots, Green beans followed by Green pepper.  Add salt and pepper for taste. When vegetables are cooked not with pasta.  Just when you are about to serve, add chopped fresh tomatoes.   You can add tomato paste for more colour and flavour...

11 May, 2017

Personal Development On Our Spiritual Journey

When we start our spiritual journey, it is very normal to feel lost, confused, yes also feeling awake, free, and so full of excitement and energy that we don’t know where to start. We might suddenly meet a vast variety of people who strangely enough teach us lessons we have always wanted to learn but always seemed to hit a brick wall with when trying to research the topic or educate ourselves. These people may be...

9 May, 2017

Chinese Zodiac - The Snake

Snake   I live in the jungle. I am a mysterious enigma that no one can understand. My home is the subtle realms between waking and sleeping And you can sense my presence More than you can see me.   I have this uncanny ability To slip between The energy fields of different dimensions. I am capable Of mesmerizing my antagonists Into a hypnotic trance like state Where they become Like putty in my hands.   I stay in dangerous places. The jungle is not for the faint-hearted And to survive One must needs employ Extraordinary...

8 May, 2017

Weekly Tarot 8-14 May

8 —14 May Your mind is alive with possibility this week. You may find yourself solving many problems with ease and clarity. You may have many wonderful ideas but you are urged to be a little more patient. The time is not quite right to rush ahead and make too many changes. Rather plan and strategize to ensure success and victory. Next week will be better for execution.   Rather put off any actions until next week!  ~Intuitive Rene~

4 May, 2017

Questions & Answers by Rene and Hayley

Jennifer – USA Please could you tell me the following:  I have been asked to move with my company from Washington to LA.  I have my reservations.  Some insight from you will be amazing – thank you. Dear Jennifer, I’m so glad you have reservations. Spirit show me that timing is not right for you to move just yet. There is a move coming up but not right now. August would be a good time to put this...

2 May, 2017

Weekly Tarot 1-7 May

Week 18: 1—7 May Be still this week and take note of the many blessings around you. Be grateful for the people you surround yourself with and acknowledge the love they bring into your world. This is not a week for action but rather to enjoy the simple pleasures in life and most especially the special people in your life. You have worked really hard to get to this point so take time out to celebrate your...

2 May, 2017

May TarotScope

The Sage is the ultimate female authority and its interesting how the month of May is giving us a double dose of this energy. These two Sages have an impressive ability to guide us through healing, teaching and serving as a guide for our journey through the month of May. During May you’re going to find yourself sparked into action. You will be full of creative energy that needs to come out and get busy, but...