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23 June, 2017

Eggless Vegan Custard Served With Apple and Banana

EGG LESS VEGAN CUSTARD SERVERD WITH BANANA AND APPLE    Ingredients 2 cups [500 ml] non-dairy milk (soy milk, almond or coconut milk are good) 2 tablespoons corn starch (more for thicker sauce) 2 – 3 tablespoons maple syrup (or other sweetener to taste) ⅛ teaspoon turmeric powder (or vegan yellow food colouring) 1 teaspoon vanilla extract / 1 vanilla bean)   Instructions In a small jug, add the corn starch. Pour a little of the milk (about 150 ml). Add the turmeric. Sir and...

23 June, 2017

Questions & Answers by Rene

Jessica – Dbn I have been given the choice of either being transferred to Jhb or basically lose my position.  I am in a total quandary as I don’t want leave Dbn yet am unsure whether I will find another position as I have.  Please could you give me some insights.  Thank you. Dear Jessica I can see that you are facing a rather difficult situation but you are urged to go with the flow. Go where you...

20 June, 2017

Seasonal Magic and Spells for June

June   Flaming June as this month is often referred to. Yet June is one of the most important months of the Wiccan year. June is a month of the Strong Sun Moon as full moon is called due to the summer solstice occurring in this month. It is the longest day of the year after which the days begin to grow shorter. Many people choose to be married in June as it was traditionally the wedding...

18 June, 2017

Weekly Tarotscope 18 - 24 June

Week 25: 18—24 June Well done! You made it through last week and you walked away from all that no longer served you, and this week, joy returns to you! Take time out this week to celebrate life, love, career and emotions. It might even do you well to make a list of your accomplishments so you can better appreciate them. You are doing well along your path of self-discovery, and you have learnt much but there...

17 June, 2017

Questions & Answers by Hayley Rautenbach

Queenie – Cat – Cape Town Queenie has been diagnosed with feline leukaemia.  Can you perhaps tell me if she is experiencing great pain.  (this photo was taken about a year ago before diagnosis) – Thank you, Anna Queenie was quite sensitive and I could feel her right side of her body was tense, with a little discomfort. Mainly around shoulders and back. I worked on her clearing, balancing and then she took a lot of healing...

12 June, 2017

Weekly Tarotscope 11 - 17 June 2017

Week 24: 11—17 June Last week was a tough one—I get that! But you are allowing yourself to be consumed by the events of the past few weeks. You think you have no way out, when in fact you are the only person who is trapping you. Your thoughts and mental processes are trapping you, overwhelming you with anxiety and worry. Its hard to turn your back on whatever it is that is consuming you but sometimes...

5 June, 2017

Weekly Tarotscope 4-10 June 2017

You have the strength within you to tame anything which is threatening to harm you or any situation which may be threatening to not work out the way you intended. Don’t be afraid, dig deep and find your inner strength. You do not need anyone else to help you here because you are the Alchemist of your own life. You need to blend the different elements that exist in your life until such time as...

1 June, 2017

Monthly Tarotscope for June 2017

June marks the middle of the year and also the Winter Solstice for those of us in the Southern Hemisphere. This month we generally reflect back on what has already been for 2017.  and we are urged to not allow ourselves to be swallowed by your disappointments. Even if 2017 has gotten off to a bit of a rocky road, there is still time to readjust, refocus and get yourself back in line for the...

29 May, 2017

Week 21: 29 May — 4 June

The truth is often hard to handle. But this week brings about a new found energy that will see you being more optimistic and you’ll be better able to leave the past behind you.   It’s the perfect time to bid farewell to all that no longer serves you and to move on with your head held high. You will be moving towards the success you’ve set out to reach. ~Intuitive Rene~  

26 May, 2017


Do we really understand the power of the words “I AM”…? I would say: “many of us do not” and by not understanding these two powerful words we deprive ourselves of so many things in our lives. If we need or want something in life, we will say, “I want this, or that or I need this or that” and the Universe creates more of the wanting and needing that you are asking for.  The Universe...