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Aneis de Vida

17 December, 2014

I see you

  Its a time of badges, certificates, medals, trophies, recognition, awards, prizes and ‘seeing’ of high achievement. I love seeing the kids that shine at this time of year – a big high heartfelt round of applause to you. You so deserve it for the effort you have put in. But this message is for the kids that didn’t get called up for any of the above…I SEE YOU. To the child that conquered their fear of heights,...


4 December, 2014

What can I do today to make someone happy?

A little poem for you today. Short and sweet :) Have a happy day!   Have you ever had your day suddenly turn sunshiny because of a cheerful word? Have you ever wondered if this could be same world, because someone had been unexpectedly kind to you? You can make today the same for somebody. It is only a question of a little imagination, a little time and trouble. Think now, ‘’what can I do today to make someone happy’’? –...


3 December, 2014

The Earth’s Chakras

Did you know that the Earth has Chakra Points?? The following article is from our second issue…   For those that do not know, the word Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘’wheel’’. Even though this article is regarding the Earth’s Chakra’s, it is best to give a brief explanation regarding chakras in the body for those who do not know what they are or stand for. Chakras help keep balance in our bodies from emotional, physical, psychological and spiritual...


2 December, 2014

Dare to be…

Be the power – because the power lies within you ~ Aneis de Vida   you can read our festive issue HERE To keep up to date with more of our blog posts either subscribe by adding your email address on the top right hand corner of our blog or follow us on, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube or our...

Aneis de Vida

1 December, 2014

A ghostly tale

Did you read our very first issue in October??   Here are one of the stories from that issue. We love a good ghost story and this is one of the best you will get in the South African history books.   December is the month of school holidays – When I was younger, my favourite places to visit was Cape Town. Of course The Cape has many heritage sites to visit. Being the oldest surviving colonial building in...