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Aneis de Vida

5 June, 2015

The Molecule of the Subconscious

The Molecule of the Subconscious What is being referred to here?  A feeling of ‘’knowing’’ before knowing.  Sounding strange?  It is actually not so strange at all.  Here is an example, you are in the process of doing something – does not matter whether on a personal level or a professional one.  And you have this feeling and perhaps even a word or two that jump into your head saying no it’s somehow not true,...

28 May, 2015

A Continuous Cycle of Events

A Continuous Cycle of Events The continuous cycle of negative energy which we surround ourselves with on a daily basis is something which we need to take stock of and consider how it is affecting us and our very thoughts. As I live in South Africa, it is astounding really, how very few feel good, positive news clips appear be that on television or social media, and I am sure that anyone across the globe at some...

18 May, 2015

Destructive Behaviour

Destructive Behaviour This very morning I read a post dealing with the death of a vervet monkey.  It was not due to old age or lack of food and water.  This sentient being died due to poisoning.  Can you imagine the pain and suffering the body of this soul had to endure?  There are countless others who suffer the same cruelty at the hand of man. When are YOU going to take on board that no matter...

7 May, 2015


  BODY, BALANCE & ACTIVATION Balancing your body and activating your energy fields sounds so cliché doesn’t it just, but it is something which I was privy to experience first-hand.  My initial reaction to being asked if I would be prepared to partake in the experiment of level five was yes sure – but I admit it was with a bit of tongue in cheek.  I was going out from the point that it was much like...

2 May, 2015


Believe Such a very simple word.  And yet how many actually believe?  Believe in YOU?  Do you believe in YOU?  More often than not you believe that which has been told to you time and again.  Your idea or dream is not do-able, not logical, not, not, not.  So the result of the matter is you give up on that dream of yours.  You go and believe the story that has roots in the medieval dark...

20 April, 2015


The Key Have you ever looked at others and wondered how they manage to achieve their success and their confidence? You have attained all the same qualifications, be that education or life experience itself.  Yet here you are going round and round the merry-go-round and putting in all that extra work and yet you seem to be over-looked time and again. Are you lacking in that one department of your inner self that will propel you into the...

15 April, 2015


HELPLINE Monday saw Aneis de Vida launching a helpline on its Facebook page.  In some ways it has been a long time coming.  The reasoning behind this helpline is pretty simple because – There are many people out there who in all reality just need some reassurance For those who are going through a trying time in their lives Some are in an abusive situation (school, work, relationship) Others feel they have nothing to offer the world Perhaps there are those...

Aneis de Vida

2 April, 2015


Opening a can of worms, that is what I do best. It is interesting reading of late how people perceive business. What is business to you?  Is business life truly only that of spreadsheets and figures, and who has bought who?  Or is life itself a business venture? In an ever changing world, and hopefully for the betterment of all who inhabit the globe, tolerance is definitely one which is needed toward anyone who in their own way is trying to...


24 March, 2015


WEEKDAY BLUES How sad that we actually wish our lives away.  How many people hate weekdays purely because it means RUSHING.  The mere fact that it means getting up earlier for work, readying children for school, sorting out breakfast at a given time, lunches that need to be made all seemingly a job of epic proportions in itself.  And this for 5 days of the week. Have you actually sat down and tried to figure out what...


11 March, 2015


CAN YOU SAY THIS WITH CONVICTION? I love the Almighty Power.  I am a believer.  I give with love because love is what created me.  I am religious and follow the teachings of my faith. A very contentious subject matter.  Here is my point of view. Am I religious?  If taken from the perspective of following a church's doctrine the answer is a resounding NO.  Do I follow my faith, that is a little more complicated to answer...