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3 December, 2017

Jeans Natural Medicine Online Courses

What is Phytoalchemy? A strange word- but it means a simple thing: Phyto is Greek for Plants, and Alchemy means Transformation from one state to another. So Phyto-Plant Alchemy means: using medicinal plants to transform illness to health!


What do I cover in my Courses?

In summary: I cover how Foods Plants help us to Heal, i.e., Food as Medicine, The Fundamental Principles of Holistic Medicine & Healing, How Psychoactive & Visionary Shamanic Plants are used for Healing and Self Development, The Study of Medicinal Plants: their growth, chemistry etc and many Tips, Recipes and Insights to increase your Well-being and Health!


What Value can You Gain from the Courses?


  • To know how to select and use foods when shopping, to prevent lifestyle diseases such as high blood pressure, inflammation, diabetes and cancer etc.

  • To have Better Energy, Mood, Libido, Concentration for Improved Work Performance and Quality of Life.

  • To live more Holistically To improve your Relationship to yourself and others!

  • To understand what are psychoactive and medicinal plants and how they can be used to heal our Bodies and Minds and more…


Tell us about how they work-the Courses.


  • The Courses are preloaded on the website and once you purchase either one or more of the courses you can go through the modules in your own time. There is no time limit but flexible learning.

  • I would suggest one week per course to digest the knowledge. Set yourself 5 weeks for the whole course with reading papers, doing worksheets, plant factsheets and podcasts.

  • You can then re-watch the courses at any time for health promotion.


The Knowledge Jean shares is not ordinay text book knowledge but experiential knowledge Jean has gained from working with plant medicines in the field with traditional healers for over 15 years, together with latest research findings & importantly, having gone on a Personal Journey of Healing.


Jeans courses are designed to help you Transform and Heal your Life through the Power of Natural Medicine & Healing Principles-so you can Live a more Whole, Balanced and Happier life. Health like Life Itself is a Journey-Embrace it!