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23 November, 2017


When we are faced with a decision to make and we ask the universe to give us a sign, very often many of us miss the very simple message of confirmation we receive. At times, we ask for a specific type of message, so we can be sure we are getting the answer we seek but we also forget that this is not how it works. Our answers or messages will reach us in the way they were intended, not in the way we wish for them to reach us.

Synchronicities are universe’s way of answering our questions. As spiritual beings we need to pay attention to the finer details in the things we see. Have you ever sat and wondered about something, like whether you should take that new job? Or move to that area you loved so much? And then soon thereafter you look at the clock and see 1:11 or 12:12? Or put on the radio and your favourite song was playing?  These are messages from the universe answering your questions. The emotion you feel at that time will give you your answer to what you were questioning. So many times, we miss these messages because society has taught us to just brush it off and think “wow that’s strange”, shrug our shoulders and move on. Getting an answer to a question you have been asking doesn’t mean you will be receiving the answer in sky writing. It may even be something as simple as seeing your favourite colour in the window of a store, or feeling a lovely refreshing breeze on a very hot day with no other sign of wind.

Another problem we face is the over thinking aspect of seeing a synchronicity. Asking ourselves why we saw that animal or why we noticed that same number so many times today. Do not ask why, simply accept that your questions are being answered and that they confirm the answers you already know deep down within your heart. Follow your intuition as this will not let you down. Go for some quiet time and feel what is being shown to you. If you can read Oracle, Lenormand, Kipper or Tarot cards ask what it is you need to know about a specific situation, decision or relationship. Trust the messages that come to you and know that all will come to you as and when it should.

~Crystal Rain~