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19 October, 2017

Spiritual Burnout

What is it?

Feeling burnout spiritually, is when you feel you have absolutely no energy left to use for your spiritual work. You also lack the motivation to do the spiritual work you love most. Often when we are busy helping those around us or when we are pushing ourselves to progress in our spirituality we forget to take care of the one who is most important. Ourselves, and this is what leads to burnout.

When this happens not only does one’s spirituality suffer but so do our emotions and physical bodies. The symptoms of spiritual burnout are akin to those of physical burnout. The list of symptoms can be quite lengthy but the most common are exhaustion and feeling overtired, insomnia, difficulty getting out of bed, restlessness, procrastination, avoidance, depression, anxiety before or after doing spiritual work, feeling overwhelmed and a sense of unbearable responsibility, crying a lot or for no reason you are aware of. The more serious symptoms include constant illness, heart problems, difficulty breathing, weight gain or weight loss, hair loss, and mood swings. The desire to avoid people or those around is also a warning sign that you may be heading for spiritual burnout.

If you are feeling these symptoms and know that you have been doing a lot of spiritual work with little to no breaks in between you may be experiencing spiritual burn out. The best way to remedy this is to take some time out. Focus on replenishing your energies, expressing all those emotions you are keeping inside and shielding yourself from the emotional influences of others. My favourite saying is that you can never pour from an empty cup, take care of yourself before you can take care of others.

Not only is this true in the “real world” but it does apply to our spiritual or religious lives as well. Just like a river that may run dry, so too do our energies and it is vital that we take that time out to relax. Other things that may help with recovering from burnout is getting your life back in balance. Make sure all your needs are met, eat a healthy well-balanced diet, drink plenty of water and rest. Exercise also helps us recover from burnout as this helps is release any unwanted emotions. The best form of exercise when dealing with burnout is yoga, yoga helps keep us calm and also provides a great workout for our bodies.

Those of us who are more prone to burnout are healers, psychics, counsellors and mediums. Their risk is so much higher as they are constantly working with energies and receiving

~Crystal Rain~