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21 August, 2017

Reaching A Higher Vibration

On our spiritual journey, as we progress and start learning more. We start to feel a rise in our vibrations. As these vibrations rise we start to experience how our own energy can affect the world around us and possibly even the people around us. Some of the symptoms include frequent headaches, digestive problems such as nausea and other stomach related problems, flu like symptoms, muscle aches or stiffness, joint pain, strong overwhelming emotions, temperature changes in the body, fatigue, bursts of energy, memory loss, interference with the electronics around you and much, much more. Do not get scared or frustrated, because you are changing!

This is an exciting time in our spiritual journey, but we often may not see it as such as we are so caught up in what we are feeling or experiencing that we find it as more of a struggle or a type of blockage. During these times of feeling lost, blocked and frustrated a simple mantra to remember is “I am Healing, I am realigning, I am clearing my energy” this mantra helps us to remember that what we are feeling is simply temporary and will pass as soon as we are done with our transition into the next phase of our journey. As we learn, we change. Change is always a good thing when the change is done in light and with love in our heart. Speaking to likeminded people during this time may also help you tremendously with understanding what you are experiencing as another symptom that is very common is the feeling of being lost or alone, helplessness is also another overwhelming feeling we get as we are reaching higher vibrations. Please always remember you are not alone. You are not lost. You are entering your next phase. Seeking out others who are going through the same transition can help as they can maybe put everything that is happening to you into perspective. They may even be able to explain what is happening. Also, who doesn’t like having friends they can sit and have a big ol’ whinge session with about all they are facing. Transition is never easy, but once you break through into the new, colourful, magical and wondrous phase you will see that it is all worth it.

During our journey through these transitions we are forced to work on certain aspects of ourselves that are not serving our higher purpose and may even be causing us to become stagnant. It may be that you have always struggled with depression and anxiety and now you are being forced to work on this to help you enter your next phase, I could be that you have never really had to work very hard for certain things in life and now you need to dig deep within yourself to reach goals that always used to come naturally to you. As much as we live in a universe with a lot of love we are faced with some tough love from time to time. It is now more than ever that you need to hold your head up high and thank the universe for loving you enough to help you become a better version of yourself. Tough love hurts but once we reach the other side we feel so grateful for that tough love that in time we may not have it any other way.

Something else to remember when you are entering or reaching a higher vibration, now is the time to practise your grounding, throw yourself into your hobbies and passions. Meditate as often as possible and Learn. Please never stop learning, we can never stop learning about and from the world around us. During this time, even though you may be feeling sick or lost, it is the perfect time to set your sites on the next step. Have you always been interested in learning about reading auras? While you are ill in bed with what feels like flue, read about it, educate yourself so that as soon as your energies are back you can start practicing. If you are feeling lost, take time to ask yourself why. Are you feeling lost because you are unsure of your career? Are you feeling lost because you feel you should be living elsewhere? As difficult as this time may be for us it could result in some of the most amazing discoveries about yourself that you never even knew were there. You may discover that you have the most beautiful strength when faced with difficult times, always showing yourself and others that there is always a silver lining in any situation. You may even discover that you have some unique spiritual gifts that not many others have. Everything we experience in this life time adds to our story and it truly is an amazing story.

~Crystal Rain~