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3 August, 2017

Seasonal Magic and Spells for August



There is something very sad about August perhaps because it is the last month of summer and we know that school and work is about to start again. It is also a reminder that nothing lasts forever and our holidays are over just as quickly as they come. Though it is a month of fire as the sun is still very hot and gardens are in full bloom, we can now notice nights pulling in. The days are getting shorter and time is moving on again. The full moon in this month is called the Corn Moon and relates to Lammas. The elementals we find here is the phoenix who rises from the ashes as we know that all things comes to an end but there will also be a beginning.


The key festival we find in August is Lammas and is the first festival of the harvest. Many fruits are becoming available to us now and the corn and wheat need to be harvested and brought in from the fields. Yet it is also a month of holidays, renewal, and also preparation for the changing season ahead.


Travel Safety Charm

We travel a lot by night getting to and fro airports for an early morning flight. So enchant a piece of turquoise for your travels. It could be a turquoise necklace or bracelet or even a ring but hold the turquoise in your hand as you say:


            Turquoise strength turquoise might.

            Protect me on my travels to night.

            Wherever I go wherever I roam.

            Let me be as safe as when at home.


Wear your turquoise jewellery on holiday or keep the piece of turquoise with you at all times.


Vacation Illness Spell

At times while on vacation we can fall ill. The dreaded colds, flu, and stomach upsets can strike so much more easily on vacation because we are relaxed. When we are at work and stressed out our adrenalin keeps the bugs at bay so when we finally do relax our defences are down and illnesses strike us hard. While on vacation especially in a different country it can be even more upsetting.


Here is a spell for vacation ills. Take whatever medicine you are given and rest. Stay out of the sun and drink fluids. While drinking say this spell:


                        Summer ills vacation chills.

                        Headaches and tummy woes.

                        Aesclepius make my suffering go.

                        So mote it be.


Staycation Spell

Unfortunately not everyone can go away on holiday and many of us have a Staycation. We stay here in our local neighbourhoods. However this can also prove to be an adventure. Go out into your local area and check your local tourist office, or visit your local library. There may have been a great battle where you live. There may be something of great historical and national importance. Research your home or begin to research your family tree. A Staycation in not a bad thing you find information you would never have otherwise known. Use the time to see the magic and wonder in your local neighbourhood.


If you are dismayed at not going anywhere on vacation then say this spell the night before your vacation is due to start. Light a blue candle and say these words:


                        Here in my block.

                        Show me the wonders I do not see.

                        Show me the sights of fantasy.

                        Here in my neighbourhood are castles and magic.

                        There is mystery and wonder in my vicinity.

                        I shall see all here in my block.

                        An it harm none so mote it be.




Lammas is celebrated on the 1st of August but the festivities can go on till the 2nd of August. Lammas was a very powerful day for many reasons both natural and supernatural. Lammas was often called rent day as land tenure and rights of pasture were settled on this day. At Lammas Fairs which is essentially an agriculture show, a couple could have a trial marriage which lasted the duration of the Fair roughly 11 days. If after that time they found themselves incompatible they would ‘divorce’ and go their separate ways. Today though we just live together to find if it works but in times of deep religious belief and spiritual law, at least it gave couples a chance to see what marriage would be like.


The enchanted thing about Lammas is that if couples suspected their child had been swooped by the fairies on May Day. Then this is the day when the reverse could happen as the changeling child would be replaced.


On Lammas it was not only customary to offer the first fruits but also a baked product such as bread or biscuits. In many parts of the world it was custom on Lammas to make Gingerbread.


Lammas Gingerbread


8oz plain flour

1/4 bicarbonate of soda

1 tsp. ground ginger

4oz butter

4oz brown sugar


Sieve flour, bicarbonate of soda and ginger in a bowl. Then rub in the butter and add sugar. Line a shallow baking tin with greased proof paper and press mixture into it. Bake on a moderate oven 350f for about 30 minutes. Take it out and leave to cool before eating. Give thanks for the harvest and the passing of the year.


Summer Sadness Begone Spell

Animals most notably birds and insects know subtle changes within the air and can feel when the wind changes or there is moisture in the air resulting in shower. We as humans also at times can feel or sense when something is in the air. At times though sadness, even on bright sunny days can bring clouds of doubt and grief to us.


If you are feeling the summertime blues then try this spell and think of the swallows and bees to predict the changes that inevitably have to come to all of us. Light an orange candle and looking into the glow of the soothing orange flame say these words:


                        Swallow high on a summer sky.

                        Return now happiness to me.

                        No more the sad and the grief.

                        An it harm none so mote it be.