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29 June, 2017

Chinese Zodiac - The Goat

I am a friendly individual – unprepossessing by nature and accommodating wherever possible. I am not particularly interested in worldly possessions and do not see much point in accumulating them.

I have travelled far and wide and I understand that human nature is the same the world over. There are a lot of diverse personalities in the world, but beneath every skin beats the heart of a soul to whom the gift of human birth has been given.

 I recognize this, and perhaps that is my gift. Most do not understand how precious the gift of this state is. They think it is a haphazard occurrence. Actually, we each have toiled long and hard to acquire our form. Only a few have any inkling of what it took to get here. I have always known from the bottom of my heart that each human being is special and sacred. And I try in every way to accept each one for the amazing being that they are regardless of the outer countenance or emotional disposition they present.

It has taken me a long time to recognize the value in each person. We are so controlled by the grandeur, illusion and manipulation of the collective mind. We all pour thought upon thought into the ether, held in the sway of our mind that thinks what it likes regardless of how damaging it may be to everything else.

I look at the actions of the great givers of this world and wonder have they ever aligned their inner thoughts with their outer actions? Sure, they are doing the best they can. Sure, they are trying to help from the compassion of their hearts. And sure, they are making enormous differences in the world on the face of things. But do they guard their thoughts? Do they realize the power of every thought they spew into the collective consciousness? Do they have any conception at all that the very act of being charitable can translate to the receiver that he is somehow a lesser being whether the giver intentioned that or not?

Do not get me wrong. Compassion and care for our fellow man is recognizing within ourselves our own frailty and it is an opportunity to express our love and gratitude for the creation in which we find ourselves. It is just that those many thoughts rising in our heads, relentlessly and unprompted, those that tumble about us, those negativities, fears, judgments, prejudices based on hearsay and rumour, prompts from past experiences, taken up from the dregs of another’s unkind words, that assail us from every quarter and invade every sinew of our being……

These are the hidden saboteurs that ambush our hearts and poison the collective mind with the illusion of scarcity giving rise to the desires of power and control and self-centered greed.

Oh that we could stop our wretched imaginations from playing tricks on us!

But I have gone on long enough. I apologize for this. It is not my place to judge. I see the world for what it is and my heart bleeds for the pit in which we find ourselves with scant chance of repair.

I do my best to try to guard my own thoughts, see the helpless soul trapped within us all and reach out to touch the magnificence of each lonely drop of the divine with the colour of acceptance and recognition of a fellow traveller in a foreign land.

[Goat is a mystical and deep thinking zodiac sign. Dressed in the garb of an unprepossessing, seemingly naïve personality, this gentle and sublime spirit tries to practice what it preaches and accepts everyone on an equal level. It is easy to overlook and dismiss this individual as being nothing special. But in truth, here is one in whose space your vulnerabilities can be safely shared and exposed without fear of reprisal and rejection.  And here is one who can heal your deepest hurts just by the mere power of acceptance.]

~Beryl Broekman~

Director of Powatheta.

One of the most highly qualified Theta Healing practitioners in Africa at present.

Author, Blogger and Speaker