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23 June, 2017

Questions & Answers by Rene

Jessica – Dbn

I have been given the choice of either being transferred to Jhb or basically lose my position.  I am in a total quandary as I don’t want leave Dbn yet am unsure whether I will find another position as I have.  Please could you give me some insights.  Thank you.

Dear Jessica

I can see that you are facing a rather difficult situation but you are urged to go with the flow. Go where you are being sent and try to see it as a positive. A chance for a new/fresh start. A new beginning. I feel that you have had a few challenges in life over the past few years and this new beginning will allow you to start afresh. You are on the verge of a major breakthrough in your life and you are also getting rid of those who no longer serve you – again, this change will allow you to do this properly.

I’m seeing two moves for you. One to the area, then another a short while after that. The second move will be more permanent and will allow you to spend time with people who you connect strongly with. You will make new friends and within 4-6 months of relocating, you will be settled and rather happy. Embrace this change!

Blessings, Rene


Suzanne – Jhb

I am going through a situation within my family where I feel unheard.  And this may be a difficult question in that I am unsure whether to accept it all as is or to literally walk away and turn my back on those that think they have the right to be as they are toward me.  Please could you let me know what you feel.  Thank you

Dear Suzanne,

Spirit shows me that this particular situation actually has nothing to do with you. It actually has nothing to do with anyone… It is what it is. Do nothing and it will resolve itself in its own time. You also need to realise that some people are just ‘that way’. Some people will always cause trouble and will always create drama. You do not need to be like them and you certainly do not need to be part of the drama. You can stay clear and you can stay out of it without turning your back on the family.  So, don’t turn your back on them and don’t walk away either. Just don’t do anything. Don’t participate and don’t try to fix it. Just accept it for what it is and keep yourself clear from the situation. Find peace within your heart and just learn to accept each person for who they are and don’t seek validation from any of them. You don’t need their validation or approval – you know who you are and that is enough!


Blessings, Rene


Christina – Norway

I am finishing my schooling and seem stuck between deciding whether to go and become a teacher or going into the field of the medical profession.  I have interests in both.  Thank you.


Dear Christina,

Yours is an easy one… Do both! You are a natural teacher and your whole life you have always found yourself helping/teaching others around you. You are the one who is always holding the hands of those around you when they go through difficult times. You are the one who is always explaining and coaching those around you, which shows that you are both a teacher and a natural healer. You would do well in either profession but you would exceed beyond your dreams if you combined the two. So go into the medical profession but know that you will eventually end up teaching within this field. 

Blessings, Rene


Olga – St Petersburg Russia

My heart is set on travelling the world.  The more I try and set goals to achieve my heart’s desire the more I seem unable.  Is it something which I am blocking out or is it just life?  I feel stuck and frustrated and it is coming out in all areas of my life. – Thank you for your insight and help.


Dear Olga,

I can very clearly see your strong urge for travel but spirit shows me that you are going about it the wrong way. You need a solid foundation and you need to choose a career/work that will allow you the opportunity to travel. I feel as if you have gone about it the wrong way and you need to take a few steps back before you can move forward into your path. You can’t get it right from your current perspective, you will need to take a few steps back and then you can head off on the path. I’m also seeing a slight career change that will help you to achieve this so don’t be afraid to make the change needed.

I’m also shown that there is a light haired man who has offered very good advice, please listen to this as its valuable information for your future.

Blessings, Rene


Peter – South Africa

What is your interpretation of where our country is heading.  I gravitate toward leaving and taking my family somewhere safer.  Yet I ask myself where is safe?  Though staying here is that truly an option all things considered?  Thank you for your help.


Dear Peter,

South Africa really is a beautiful country. It has problems but nothing which cannot be controlled and fixed. There is big positive changes coming but unfortunately the volcano needs to erupt first. If you can hold on through the turmoil you will be able to enjoy your country again.

When I connect with you and your family I’m shown that there is a split just off centre, and the one side will cope with moving and settling in another country, but the other side will never settle in another country. I feel like you fall on the side of “never”. I feel like you are being pushed to make this change but your heart knows it’s wrong for you. In saying this, I do feel that there is definitely a move for you and soon – within the next 6-12 months. This move will see you and your family feeling safer, more relaxed and more settled.

Blessings, Rene

~Intuitive Rene~