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20 June, 2017

Seasonal Magic and Spells for June



Flaming June as this month is often referred to. Yet June is one of the most important months of the Wiccan year. June is a month of the Strong Sun Moon as full moon is called due to the summer solstice occurring in this month. It is the longest day of the year after which the days begin to grow shorter. Many people choose to be married in June as it was traditionally the wedding month. As it is a month of love and emotions it is governed by the element of water as a result the elemental beings we find in June are mermaids.


The festivals we find in June are Litha or Summer Solstice, St. Elmo’s Day, and Well Dressing. Further, this month is traditionally a month of weddings with many people taking the marriage plunge.


Well Dressing Healing Water Spell

Well dressing is an ancient custom and dates back to our ancestors such as the Celt and even older. The wells are dressed with large framed panels which are decorated with elaborate mosaics made from flower petals, seeds, grasses, leaves, tree bark, berries and even moss.


Wells are the symbolic embodiment of mother earth from which the healing waters arise. We need water to survive and we are made of water. In honour of well dressing this month create healing water by making an elixir using crystals.


The best stone to use for healing is an amethyst. This crystal is often called the all-healer and is beneficial for people, animals and plants. It is especially beneficial for those who suffer from migraines and headaches and is often called nature’s tranquillizer.


Make an amethyst elixir by washing the stone and making sure it is clean; do not use bleach or any other chemicals when cleaning crystals. Simply place the amethyst in hot water for a couple of minutes. Then make your elixir by placing the clean amethyst into drinking water and letting it soak for a few hours. As the stone is soaking say these words:


            Healing energy flow to me.

            Earth and water.

            So, mote it be


 Take out the stone then use the water in drinks or on pulse points. Give to plants what is left and make fresh amethyst water every day.


St. Elmo’s Day Protection Spell

St. Elmo’s Day on the 2nd of June relates to the phenomenon found on ships at sea. A dancing, glowing light can be seen from the electrical discharges seen on ships’ mastheads or around church steeples during a storm. Sailors often regarded it either as a bad omen or a sign of good luck.


If you are travelling at night then tap into positive energies of this rare weather phenomenon and ask for protection. Light a purple candle and look into the flame while saying these words:


            Fire light, fire bright.

            St. Elmo’s Fire blessed be.

            Grant me safe passage tonight

            An it harm none so mote it be.


Wedding Harmony Spell

Weddings are very popular in June. They are a wonderful occasion for families and friends to meet but unfortunately this joyous get together can be a nightmare for the bride and groom. Say a little spell to the Goddess Juno who governs June and who also is responsible for marriage, motherhood, and money.


In the morning before the wedding say these words:


            Goddess Juno let today go without a hitch.

            As me and my beloved get hitched.

            Our wedding is just a day.

            Nut let our marriage last always.


Mermaid Sea Magic Mirror

Mermaids are wonderful elemental beings who certainly know how to take care of themselves and are also wonderful scryers using the element of water as their portal. Create your own scrying mirror by tapping into this elementals power.


If you are going to the beach try to collect as many sea shells as possible. If you are going to a pebble beach then collect as many small ones as you can. If the beach you are going to is an historical area notorious for ship wrecks then check for antique sea glass which may be washed upon the shore, collect this also.


In your bathroom make a frame for your mirror from your sea shells, pebbles, sea glass. Though if you can collect just a few then that is fine too. If you do not have enough shells etc. to go around the entire edge of your mirror then use just four. Stick a shell in each corner of your bathroom mirror. Saying these words:


                        Sea shell, sea find.

                        Aphrodite blessed be.

                        Let this mirror show truths for me.

                        An it harm none so mote it be.


Blue Sea Spell

Further, hold onto those feelings of magic which the sea provides and is so powerful for mermaids. On beach vacations, we feel so invigorated by the air, the sea and the sun. We feel good about ourselves proven scientifically by the ions. We feel younger than we are. Recapture that moment in your mind and if possible say this spell on the beach or while out swimming in the sea.


                        Blue is the sea.

                        Fresh is the air.

                        Cleanse my spirit.

                        Clear my mind.

                        Let me always be fair.


Hold the moment in your memory and throughout the year return to it when things start to get tense and stressful.