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17 June, 2017

Questions & Answers by Hayley Rautenbach

Queenie – Cat – Cape Town

Queenie has been diagnosed with feline leukaemia.  Can you perhaps tell me if she is experiencing great pain.  (this photo was taken about a year ago before diagnosis) – Thank you, Anna

Queenie was quite sensitive and I could feel her right side of her body was tense, with a little discomfort. Mainly around shoulders and back. I worked on her clearing, balancing and then she took a lot of healing which eased her discomfort. Otherwise she is at peace and ease, and is tired a lot of the time, and this frustrates her as she wants to have more energy, but she is comfortable. She shows me another cat? Not sure if it is a family member? She is worried about this other cat. If you would like me to help you further please let me know. Blessings and ease to Queenie.


Minx – UK

My Minx has gone missing she is only 4 months old and has been missing for the last 2 weeks, please could you help?  Thank you, Pat

Tracking lost animals is a tricky job, with many factors that influence connecting to the animal. I found Minx to be very light energetically. She is comfortable and at ease, she knows she is sorely missed! She has strong energy which ‘visits’ your home, when she thinks of you. She explained she is happy and loved where she is. For a more indepth session privately please feel free to contact me directly on


Beauty – Dog – Johannesburg

I adopted Beauty a few months ago, and although I think she is quite happy being with us I was wondering if there is a sadness that makes her jumpy and nervous and if there is anything we could do to help her forget her past?  Thanks Simone

Beauty carries a lot of pain in her memory body and energetic body, I have done some work on her to help her relieve this emotional pain and memories. I feel she will get more confident with time as she learns to trust her new family. She is highly sensitive in all ways, and gets triggered easily with noises and fast movements, so I encourage you to be gentle and mindful of this to ease her transition. She has a huge heart that carries pain and so much love. She was so grateful for the healing and ease, and extended her love to me, what a gift!! I would encourage giving her Rescue Remedy tables diluted in her water every day for a few weeks to help her physically manage her sensitivity. You can also massage her brachial chakras, either side of her body, around her shoulders, this is an animal’s main energy centre and deals with relationships with others and trust, this will help her hugely!

~Hayley Rautenbach~