About Us

In today’s world we would need to classify ourselves as a lifestyle magazine. Our vision however, is to make that available to all who browse our pages. Lifestyle does not need to be complicated nor does it have to be expensive. Our passion is to bring back the basics of integrating grassroots information into a world that is run on adrenalin.

We are given choices every single minute of the day. How we interpret those messages is what makes or breaks us. The time has come to birth the vision, broaden the horizon and give each and every person the opportunity to delve deeper, to bypass the superficial and find that which they are intrinsically searching for. Each and every human and animal is first and foremost a spirit being. Our aim is to allow anyone the possibility to inform and evaluate that which is important to him or her.

Find within these pages that have been created with a passion to bring you the reader something different, something that will inspire you to want to be the person you were always meant to be. There is enough heartache, depression, violence and rushing around, without us bringing you more of the same. 

Aneis de Vida welcomes each and everyone. Our hope is that you will take something away with you, in your heart of hearts, knowing that each person is special, each person has the ability to shine. Change is inevitable, dance between the raindrops and inspire all who come into contact with you no matter how big or small your circle is.


Meet The Team

Editor in Chief, Tilanie, is a very spiritual person who is extremely passionate about life, animals and the betterment of all beings on earth. She is a Life Coach, and public speaker.

Jacinta did not ring true so I chose my own spiritual name of Crystal Rain. I offer oracle card readings and dream interpretation readings. One day in the not too distant future I will be educated enough to be a Shaman. Contact her on: Visit his website: crystalrainreadings@gmail.com

Kim is an intuitive Rune reader using the Dragon and Futhark runes, she does spiritual cleansing, chakra balancing with a pendulum and gives spiritual guidance. She is also an animal communicator and healer. Visit her website: www.dragonsoulreadings.weebly.com

Gary is a hypnosis practitioner living and working in Hillcrest, Durban, South Africa. His poems are a reflection of what impacts on him from what he sees in life. They are his feelings released into words. Visit his website: www.thoughtfieldhypnosis.co.za

Chef Cola is all about going vegan on a budget as most people she has come across in her culinary journey ‘’would love to become vegan but just can’t afford it’’   Facebook: African Vegan On a budget

Hayley Rautenbach does Animal Communication and Healing. Hayley lives by the motto that her highest value is to go the extra mile for you. Visit her website here: www.http://hayleyhealing.co.za

Beryl Broekman is an energy healer, author and personal life consultant. She is able to tap into the energy fields around people, places and things and transcribes onto paper the deep truths that are held there. Find out more here:
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