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26 May, 2017


Do we really understand the power of the words “I AM”…? I would say: “many of us do not” and by not understanding these two powerful words we deprive ourselves of so many things in our lives.

If we need or want something in life, we will say, “I want this, or that or I need this or that” and the Universe creates more of the wanting and needing...

22 May, 2017

Tarotscope Week 21. 22-28 May

Week 20: 22—28 May


Whenever we have change, there will always be resistance. This is to be expected and its completely normal. Its how you handle it that will determine the outcome.


During this week you don’t need to do anything, don’t fight against the flow, don’t try to solve any challenges that may crop up. Just allow any fires to burn themselves out naturally—that is how you remain unscathed....