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13 March, 2017


True Philosophers Are Nature’s Blessing. They All Are Made By Self-Training.
Philosophers Are Real Light. They Live To Serve & Fight Evils With All Might.
Philosophers Understand Actual Slavery. They Strive For Truth With Bravery.
Philosophers Know Factual Wisdom. They Add Value & Don’t Crave Kingdom.
Philosopher Is Honest Teacher. They Give Knowledge Better Than Preacher.
Philosophers Are A Universal Voice. They Make All Think For Perfect Choice.
Philosophers Aim For Global Unity. They...

27 February, 2017

Ticking Time-Bomb of Lies

I wonder if I told you it was all a lie

I wonder do you believe the lie

I wonder if you think about the lie

I wonder if you are prepared to dissect the lie


Yes, I wonder, but not only about you, I wonder about me too.  I look, I listen, I absorb.  Then comes the crunch, I take it all apart.  I look to see where there is truth,...