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From the blog

9 February, 2017

Darkness Not My Friend

5am and the phone rings.

Please NO not that number!!

Thankfully it’s not the one I fear to answer.

Hello, and the voice is the one I do not want to hear.  The words leave me cold, shattered, numb and dead inside.  ‘’I am so sorry, he passed away.’’  The voice drones on, saying there was improvement and then something must have happened – well clearly yes something did happen as...

18 December, 2016


I look at the world, but the world seems bare.

When did it all die of something called despair?

Trust has flown out the window, one can barely trust one’s shadow.

Many fighting to bring back the caring feeling, all for naught so it appears to be.

Hate and lies seem the order of the day.

No one cares nor sees, seemingly.  Why bother with the old morals, old values – come to...