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15 August, 2016

Prayer for Spiritual Hygiene

Prayer for Spiritual Hygiene

A very good tool to use for “spiritual hygiene” it is like you have to take your shower in the mornings and evening, if you skip these types of clearings it is like skipping your showers for a month and longer.


~ArchAngel Michael Clearing~

This is very potent, and it works! Keep in mind that you will clear what is right for you at the right time,...

27 July, 2016

The Dream is but a Dream until it is a Reality!

Those wonderful times when you dream of something, you wish upon a star kind of moments.  They are so precious to each and every one of us.  They nurture our very soul, sometimes they torment us something akin to an itch and as the itch it is persistent until you scratch it to relieve the gnawing of that itch.  Those are the dreams which somehow, somewhere will become...