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3 December, 2017

Jeans Natural Medicine Online Courses

What is Phytoalchemy? A strange word- but it means a simple thing: Phyto is Greek for Plants, and Alchemy means Transformation from one state to another. So Phyto-Plant Alchemy means: using medicinal plants to transform illness to health!


What do I cover in my Courses?

In summary: I cover how Foods Plants help us to Heal, i.e., Food as Medicine, The Fundamental Principles of Holistic Medicine & Healing, How Psychoactive...

23 November, 2017


When we are faced with a decision to make and we ask the universe to give us a sign, very often many of us miss the very simple message of confirmation we receive. At times, we ask for a specific type of message, so we can be sure we are getting the answer we seek but we also forget that this is not how it works. Our answers...