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20 September, 2016

I Need Logical Answers Please!!

Have you ever had a tiredness deep in yourself?  As if your soul has no more energy left for you to deplete.

It’s so deep and so all-consuming that you actually have no clue how you get through a day let alone a week?

You go on auto pilot and somehow ‘’stuff’’ gets done but there is just as much that you keep pushing aside for another day and the...

16 September, 2016

16/17 September Full Moon Eclipse

What can you expect?

A number of changes and oh yes another major shift in energy.  Even if you will not perhaps be able to see the eclipse you will more than likely be feeling the effects of the energy shift.  This lunar eclipse takes place today and tomorrow in conjunction with the sign of Pisces.  Now Pisces is all about the emotions.

It is a given that we all...